Cryptocurrencies: 6,191
Markets: 558
Marketcap: $1.00 T
24h Vol: $161.71 B
BTC Dominance: 63.83%
RankCoinChange (24H)PriceMarketcapVolume (24H)Chart (24H)SupplyTotal Supply
11.51%$34,735.00$646.00 B$55.50 B18.61 M BTC21.00 M BTC
21.01%$1,331.50$152.24 B$49.59 B114.34 M ETH0.00 ETH
30.51%$1.01$24.97 B$99.82 B24.83 B USDT24.83 B USDT
411.39%$17.31$16.62 B$3.13 B955.60 M DOT1.04 B DOT
53.32%$0.296407$13.49 B$3.52 B45.51 B XRP100.00 B XRP
63.82%$0.369771$11.51 B$3.28 B31.11 B ADA45.00 B ADA
73.47%$145.04$9.62 B$7.44 B66.32 M LTC84.00 M LTC
82.57%$485.69$9.05 B$6.15 B18.63 M BCH21.00 M BCH
96.33%$21.51$8.64 B$2.37 B401.51 M LINK1,000.00 M LINK
100.11%$0.289954$6.41 B$1.08 B22.10 B XLM50.00 B XLM
110.60%$41.74$6.17 B$711.30 M147.88 M BNB179.88 M BNB
120.38%$1.00$5.32 B$1.76 B5.31 B USDC5.31 B USDC
131.31%$34,797.00$3.89 B$295.73 M111.67 K WBTC111.67 K WBTC
142.19%$194.53$3.62 B$959.84 M18.63 M BSV21.00 M BSV
151.44%$150.64$2.68 B$537.99 M17.82 M XMR0.00 XMR
160.47%$2.76$2.63 B$2.06 B950.91 M EOS0.00 EOS
172.06%$190.89$2.34 B$513.25 M12.26 M AAVE16.00 M AAVE
182.03%$0.029968$2.15 B$1.24 B71.66 B TRX100.85 B TRX
190.23%$2.82$2.14 B$245.17 M757.45 M XTZ0.00 XTZ
2013.47%$0.032994$2.14 B$933.11 M64.85 B VET86.71 B VET
210.18%$0.233750$2.10 B$121.57 M9.00 B XEM9.00 B XEM
220.57%$14.94$2.09 B$188.33 M139.81 M SNX215.95 M SNX
235.54%$8.52$2.03 B$882.26 M238.53 M ATOM0.00 ATOM
241.13%$1.99$1.99 B$81.13 M1,000.00 M THETA1,000.00 M THETA
253.18%$0.081382$1.86 B$57.76 M22.78 B CRO100.00 B CRO

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When first engaging with cryptocurrency, most people start with buying and selling Bitcoin or mining Bitcoin from the Bitcoin network. Just like any other currency, Bitcoin can be invested, spent on goods and services, and bought or sold on the exchanges.

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