Cryptocurrencies: 5,879
Markets: 510
Marketcap: $361.88 B
24h Vol: $82.86 B
BTC Dominance: 59.13%
RankCoinChange (24H)PriceMarketcapVolume (24H)Graph (7D)SupplyTotal Supply
13.03%$11,563.21$214.25 B$45.99 B18.46 M BTC21.00 M BTC
22.62%$385.55$43.44 B$12.45 B112.14 M ETH0.00 ETH
31.24%$0.291054$13.10 B$4.86 B44.86 B XRP100.00 B XRP
40.06%$0.998530$11.81 B$32.27 B11.83 B USDT10.17 B USDT
54.85%$288.15$5.36 B$2.82 B18.49 M BCH21.00 M BCH
68.48%$12.44$4.77 B$1.25 B383.01 M LINK1,000.00 M LINK
74.74%$0.138764$4.32 B$828.26 M31.11 B ADA45.00 B ADA
84.88%$213.69$3.97 B$1.08 B18.49 M BSV21.00 M BSV
93.61%$55.80$3.65 B$2.50 B65.22 M LTC84.00 M LTC
104.35%$21.62$3.20 B$293.96 M147.88 M BNB179.88 M BNB
112.89%$0.164217$3.10 B$66.78 M18.77 B CRO100.00 B CRO
129.20%$4.03$2.91 B$607.66 M720.46 M XTZ0.00 XTZ
133.06%$3.06$2.89 B$3.19 B941.89 M EOS0.00 EOS
143.40%$0.101766$2.10 B$470.86 M20.53 B XLM50.00 B XLM
153.60%$89.61$1.58 B$183.46 M17.66 M XMR0.00 XMR
165.14%$5.57$1.57 B$154.37 M279.33 M OKB300.00 M OKB
176.03%$0.020269$1.46 B$834.55 M71.66 B TRX100.85 B TRX
180.47%$0.020991$1.31 B$39.42 M62.49 B CDAI62.49 B CDAI
196.23%$0.020214$1.30 B$219.32 M64.32 B VET86.71 B VET
200.07%$1.27$1.24 B$14.84 M977.24 M LEO985.24 M LEO


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Coinmarket Cryptocurrency Markets

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