Cryptocurrencies: 7,649
Markets: 503
Marketcap: $278.07 B
24h Vol: $30.98 B
BTC Dominance: 61.38%
RankCoinChange (24H)PriceMarketcapVolume (24H)Graph (7D)SupplyTotal Supply
10.60%$9,272.98$170.94 B$16.67 B18.43 M BTC21.00 M BTC
20.23%$239.33$26.72 B$4.10 B111.73 M ETH0.00 ETH
30.03%$1.00$9.83 B$15.98 B9.83 B USDT9.79 B USDT
40.21%$0.200134$8.96 B$966.46 M44.74 B XRP100.00 B XRP
50.16%$236.06$4.36 B$1.62 B18.46 M BCH21.00 M BCH
62.59%$0.123210$3.83 B$439.97 M31.11 B ADA45.00 B ADA
71.75%$184.35$3.40 B$548.36 M18.46 M BSV21.00 M BSV
80.23%$44.40$2.89 B$1.18 B65.02 M LTC84.00 M LTC
918.81%$7.21$2.74 B$733.66 M381.51 M LINK1,000.00 M LINK
104.10%$18.22$2.69 B$236.20 M147.88 M BNB179.88 M BNB
110.01%$0.144565$2.62 B$60.27 M18.12 B CRO100.00 B CRO
120.69%$2.60$2.44 B$1.25 B940.24 M EOS0.00 EOS
130.86%$2.70$1.93 B$152.07 M717.07 M XTZ0.00 XTZ
141.81%$0.092116$1.88 B$321.43 M20.45 B XLM50.00 B XLM
150.21%$4.98$1.39 B$90.37 M279.33 M OKB300.00 M OKB
160.58%$69.06$1.22 B$98.23 M17.63 M XMR0.00 XMR
171.69%$0.018062$1.20 B$445.60 M66.14 B TRX99.28 B TRX
183.19%$0.017833$1.14 B$203.72 M64.32 B VET86.71 B VET
190.09%$1.00$1.11 B$239.98 M1.11 B USDC1.11 B USDC
206.19%$1.13$1.10 B$16.81 M978.17 M LEO985.24 M LEO
210.44%$4.20$980.89 M$150.33 M233.37 M HT500.00 M HT
220.09%$0.020905$857.84 M$6.91 M41.04 B CDAI41.04 B CDAI
230.17%$10.76$758.12 M$191.01 M70.53 M NEO100.00 M NEO
241.09%$6.42$746.60 M$568.78 M116.32 M ETC210.70 M ETC
250.99%$3.94$744.19 M$209.42 M189.35 M ATOM0.00 ATOM


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